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Transforming digital transformation

In 2008, we started working with HP Enterprise Services, the global seller of hardware and software. In 2015, the company transformed its business to become Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a technology consultancy providing infrastructure, security, big data and workplace support to clients around the world – to the tune of around $30bn a year.

Every now and again, you find a company that has great staff, a great work ethic and a great partner network that delivers a great product time and time again. Forepoint is one such company.

Global Director of Operations for Client Transitions and Transformations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Joining HPE on the road to revolution 

When it comes to our work with HPE, we know that things change at great speed.

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution. Think automation, smart everything, connected everything, the Internet of Things, big data, and analytics.

Industry 5.0 is the next step. Think personalisation and cooperation between man and machine. It’s about putting people back into the centre of the action – where we believe they should always be.

Such is the rapid pace of digital transformation that today, Industry 5.0 is bearing down upon us at an alarming rate, even before the full adoption of Industry 4.0.

For tech companies like HPE, one of the biggest challenges around digital transformation is engaging customers in their version of this next wave of change.

The winners in today’s market will be those who apply the power of technology to fuel the power of ideas, and the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise is built to accelerate this journey for customers.

Meg Whitman, CEO, speaking in 2015 at HPE’s brand launch
HPE website

Understanding HPE and embracing fast-moving change

We’ve been working hand-in-hand with HP and HPE since 2008 and have helped them to implement three major rebrands.

Whether it’s an account-based marketing campaign, event, advertising campaign, internal comms, or sales support, our work helps HPE to put people first – and it works. We’ve seen our most effective impact with our ‘It’s all about ME’ campaign.

This campaign combined the ‘ME’ of the user – putting customers and employees at the heart of everything they do, with the ‘ME’ of the Modern Enterprise (ME).

Its aim? To help businesses embrace technology and steal a competitive edge. And to date, our campaign has brought the ‘ME’ campaign message to the manufacturing, banking, healthcare, retail, insurance and travel sectors.

It’s been fascinating to watch the rise of Hewlett Packard Enterprise from its HP Enterprise Services origins. With multiple mergers, acquisitions and product innovations under their belt, the business has seen quite a shift.

Keith Noble, Director, Forepoint

Collaboration is king when taking brands beyond business as usual

But we don’t work alone. Instead, we work as part of a brilliant collaborative team of marketers, industry specialists and all-round smart people at HPE to bring a fresh perspective to the comms table.

To help HPE communicate more effectively, they needed to harness the power of ideas that their technology can fuel.

We help them to discover what’s possible, bringing new ideas and creativity to the table and knocking off a few corporate corners along the way. We’ve revolutionised the way HPE communicates as a brand and brought different ways of thinking to technology communications to help them empathise with their customers’ needs. And we’ve humanised the HPE brand, putting people front and centre with great technology behind them to transform the way HPE communicate.

Today, working across the UK and Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and the Nordics, we’ve brought HPE’s ‘ME’ campaign message to multiple sectors.

When a company has been evolving for many decades sometimes it takes an outsider to breathe new life into ideas and solutions. Forepoint embed themselves into your team and become trusted advisors, providing that fresh look at old and complex problems.

Director of Tools and Automation, Transformation Practice, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Their canny ability to simplify the complex and provide new ways of looking at issues has been an outstanding success for our programme with the senior leadership with a multi-billion dollar company reviewing their work and using it to set the global standards for communicating strategy and processes.

Director of Tools and Automation – Transformation Practice, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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