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The bold and the brave

We began working with BAE Systems in 2008 and are trusted as one of only eight approved agencies on the company’s design roster. BAE Systems plays a vital role in the UK’s £35bn a year defence, aerospace and security sector. The company’s drive to perform and deliver services to air, land and sea is always front of mind – whether it’s around safety and quality, cost and delivery, or people performance.

The safety campaign to reduce on-site accidents in Q1 saw a 50% reduction in incidents.

“Be Safe” safety campaign, BAE Systems Submarines

Meeting the defence challenge head-on

From onboarding the next generation of wide-eyed apprentices through to the delivery of the latest nuclear submarine, BAE Systems faces a range of both extraordinary and complex communication challenges. And with 85,000 hearts and minds working for them worldwide, every comms campaign needs to work hard to hit the mark.

Whether they’re talking to the general public, to employees, or to government, BAE’s communications can cover anything from national security issues and state-of-the-art technology to apprenticeships and recruitment campaigns.

It’s a communication challenge that we don’t take lightly.

It means creating communications that are both an art and a science. The art? Engaging with diverse audiences. The science? Communicating the benefits, the reasons to believe, and the discernible difference with clarity.

The ‘Be Safe’ work was a really powerful visual reminder of the impact of safety and was an important enabler to helping the focused safety improvement campaign we ran. The campaign still has brand recognition today and continues to be a part of our ongoing safety campaign.

Safety and Quality Director, BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines

Understanding BAE Systems – a force to be reckoned with

A brand is only as powerful as the people behind it, and those that believe in it. With BAE Systems, every piece of work we do together is about affirming its strong brand values – ‘trusted, innovative and bold’. When we work with the team, we strive to meet those values.

And, because we know the team well, we know how – and when – to ask the difficult questions, tackle challenging issues head-on and push the creative boundaries to capture interest, start a conversation, and drive positive culture change.

When we work with BAE Systems, we’re idea generators, creative troubleshooters, and boundary-pushers. We create campaigns that help the team navigate internal communications, the depths of customer engagement, and the heights of operational comms.

Seeing a smile break out on the face of a client during a creative presentation is the best form of satisfaction you can get. And when they leave the room to bring in more colleagues to share what’s been presented that’s even better. Sharing the pride and ownership of our work is exactly why we do what we do

Steve Gill, Director, Forepoint

Delivering the unexpected

Sometimes size matters – like when we’re communicating the scale and importance of the Dreadnought submarine programme, in which BAE Systems is a key partner. At other times, less is more – as with the hard-hitting safety campaign to help reduce on-site accidents at Barrow.

Whether we’re helping the team commemorate a major boat launch, embedding a site-wide quality-first campaign or even creating a pack of Top Trumps cards to celebrate 110 years of submarine building, we make sure our impact for BAE Systems is effective, memorable and positive.

Professional service every time. It is always an enjoyable process working with Forepoint.

Communications Director, BAE Systems
Submarine Cards

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