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DXC Technology

Making a tech giant your digital friend

In 2017, we started working as a creative partner with the team at DXC Technology. Born out of the merger of CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology is a Fortune 500 company and the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services and solutions company. Today, we’re an approved partner for DXC Technology’s global marketing, with a reach that stretches from the UK, mainland Europe and the Nordics, through to the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Overall campaign statistics showed: A Click Through Rate (CTR) increase of 21% on DXC’s average benchmark target: A 66% CTR increase on campaign advertising itself.

“I’m Lorenzo” Healthcare campaign, Australia and New Zealand

Stepping up to an elite global playing field

DXC Technology employs 137,000 employees in 70+ countries and provides a myriad of services to more than 6,000 customers across a multitude of sectors.

It’s a complex business and a relatively new player on the highly competitive technology consultancy playing field. And it’s competing with some serious and well-established players, including Accenture, Capgemini, CGI, Deloitte, and IBM.

Every company is a technology company, no matter what product or service it provides. The companies that embrace this fact are the ones that shape our world.

Keynote, Gartner Symposium

In this sector, the margins of differentiation between brands are small. Analyse any of the established players’ websites, and you’ll come across the same language to describe the innovation, transformation, and optimisation services they provide. It’s an industry where service and price speak volumes – and where reputation is everything.

Understanding DXC Technology – what makes them tick?

We know the team at DXC of old, having supported them in their previous lives at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – and HP Enterprise Services before that. Ours is a long-term business relationship, built over many years.

Today, DXC Technology is helping to shape businesses in the banking, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, consumer, and public sectors and beyond. And they came to us when they needed their customers to understand how the Enterprise Technology Stack they offer stacks up – and how it sets their business apart in the sector.

Our relationship with the team at DXC has gone through a series of changes. We’ve been there as their business has evolved from HP Enterprise Services into Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and now DXC Technology. This length of service is invaluable for us when we’re called on to communicate campaigns around the Internet of Things, Workplace and Mobility or Multi-Cloud Environments.

Keith Noble, Director, Forepoint

How we’ve learned to speak fluent DXC

Today, as a DXC Technology creative partner and an approved supplier for global marketing, our reach stretches from the UK, mainland Europe and the Nordics, through to the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The collaboration is great, absolutely great.

Vice President, Regional Marketing and Communications, DXC Technology

And because we work in pursuit marketing and account-based marketing, we’re on the frontline, shoulder-to-shoulder with DXC. It’s a space where there’s nowhere to hide but also where there’s massive potential to make an impact.

With an increase of 21% on average CTR benchmark target, our work builds on years of conversations, and our deep understanding of where DXC Technology is today – and where it’s going.

Working with DXC is very black and white, literally. Which means we have to be very creative with our ideas, language and imagery – and even a little cheeky at times.

Ali Heggie, Creative Director, Forepoint
It's your lucky day

Making the complex simple

To set DXC Technology apart in the technology consultancy industry and give them greater ownership of their space, we’ve helped humanise their brand communications.

By tackling customers’ challenges head-on, stripping away the corporate jargon, and demystifying and simplifying DXC’s messages, we’ve seen our account-based marketing campaigns pay off. And by creating ideas that last and can be repurposed in many, many different ways – we’ve made sure that our work realises a solid return on the investment made.

By turning business to business comms into people to people comms, we can help DXC Technology tap into the minds of the people they’re targeting, show they understand their challenges and highlight how they can help.

Keith Noble, Director, Forepoint

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