Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR)

Making a positive difference

We first partnered with the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) in 2007. A vital part of the UK’s nuclear estate, LLWR works on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). It ensures that all lower activity waste from the UK’s medical, research and educational establishments, the MOD and nuclear industry is managed effectively.

We went down a storm! The presentation in conjunction with the live feed demonstration and video were timed to perfection, on message, engaging both visually and through use of language and the creative approach outstanding.

Head of Corporate Affairs, LLWR

A vital part of the UK’s nuclear estate

The history of the LLWR site spans more than 80 years. From its beginnings as a Royal Ordnance Factory, manufacturing explosives during the Second World War, the LLW Repository site has operated safely since 1959.

LLWR’s role is to ensure that low level waste generated in the UK is disposed of in a way that protects people and the environment. The Repository site in West Cumbria is the nation’s principal disposal facility for low level waste (LLW) and the only facility permitted to receive all categories of low level waste.

Thinking Differently

From unprecedented challenge to unprecedented progress

The LLWR story is one of people, expertise and major advances in the treatment, disposal and diversion of low level waste. And it’s a story that encompasses everything from waste, recycling and storage to responsible environmental management.

As you’d expect, any nuclear facility comes with huge responsibility, strict regulation and major accountability to ensure it’s a safety-first industry, and is doing the right thing for everyone concerned.

So, whether they’re reducing waste storage from 95% to 5%, extending the lifespan of their site by over 100 years or saving the UK taxpayer over £2 billion, LLWR’s significant progress has been under the watchful eye and the scrutiny of government, regulators, the general public and local communities.

Each of LLWR’s varied audiences has a vested interest in, and an appetite for, information and data about what’s happening on the site, clear and effective communications are a must.

When the feedback to your work is that it ‘sets the benchmark’ for visual communications at Government level, it’s not bad way to make impact.

Steve Gill, Director, Forepoint

Many thanks to you for interpreting the brief so excellently and working with us to showcase LLWR in the best possible light… it worked!

Head of Corporate Affairs, LLWR

Delivering the unexpected

We redeveloped LLWR’s brand, messages and visual expression to reflect the seismic shift in its business performance. And to showcase that it is providing good value and real benefit and is delivering well against the key performance objectives assigned under its current contract.

This has been taken across a wide range of work, including powerful explainer videos for government ministers, detail-filled infographics for the NDA, and interactive touch screens that enhance the visitor experience. 

Our brand positioning campaign, ‘Making a positive difference’, set a new tone of voice for LLWR and highlighted the impact of their work. The campaign was supported by a clear and simple representation of the facts – outstanding performance and positive impact on both customers and on the environment.

Low Level Waste

Understanding LLWR – low level waste, high-level standards

Forepoint’s partnership with LLWR dates back to its inception. From working on the initial brand development programme in 2007, to the more recent repositioning exercise, we’ve developed a tight-knit and long-term relationship with the LLWR communications team.

The length of this relationship and the work we’ve done alongside the team means we’ve absorbed a lot of knowledge and gained a deep understanding of their business, their operations and the challenges they face.

And, whether we’re working directly with the Head of Corporate Affairs or the CEO – or with the comms team or different departments, we apply that understanding to make efficient use of our collective time, effort and resources – to maximum effect.

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