The end of fu@#ing nightmares

Project case study: Brand repositioning campaign inFund
Client: inFund
Sector: Financial services/Fintech

The end of fu@#ing nightmares was a dream come true for FinTech company inFund. With hundreds of people stopping at their stand at The Business Show, they ran out of giveaways – but left London’s Excel with 50 pipeline enquiries, over 20 sign-ups, and multiple sales enquiries for their white label service.

In an overcrowded marketplace dominated by the big high street banks, access to funding support for SMEs is not only slow but riddled with bureaucracy and red tape. Enter inFund, the FinTech company whose founders have developed a way to provide accessible funding for SMEs in need.

While inFund already had a brand mark, the team needed a brand identity and launch campaign that would set them apart from their competitors at London’s Business Show at The Excel.

One of the UK’s biggest B2B events, The Business Show is attended by around 25,000 visitors, and with around 500 exhibitors the competition for people’s attention is fierce.

Delivering the unexpected

When you look at the businesses that sit in the financial services space, there’s an awful lot of blue branding. We went against the grain with a bold photographic style and classic black and white branding – with an opulent splash of gold.

“The simple, yet distinctive refinement of inFund’s existing brand mark and expression didn’t need a significant intervention from our side. Instead, we refocused the positioning of their identity through new messaging and a differentiated look and feel, all of which provided a solid ROI – and real value for money.”

Keith Noble, Forepoint

When we looked at inFund’s key activity ‘funding’, we saw that, for the Business Show at least, there was a serendipitous opportunity for some irreverent wordplay.

inFund brochure covers

Humanising brands

By replacing certain letters with asterisks and ampersands, the parallels of the language slotted into place – clarifying both what inFund did and how frustrated people felt by the time they’d emerged defeated from wrestling with the high street banks.

And it worked. ‘The end of fu@#ing nightmares’ made hundreds of people stop and talk to the team – and within three hours they had to put a call into the office to send more giveaways as they’d run out.

“It was unapologetic. And all credit to Max and Alessio for having the guts to run with it. They understood that when you only have one chance to make your mark, there’s just no point in being the same as everyone else in the room.”

Keith Noble, Director

And, at the end of the two-day event, they’d received 50 pipeline enquiries, over 20 sign-ups, and multiple sales enquiries for their white label service.

“When I look back at the success of that event, it was the ability to really differentiate our message and ourselves amongst, what I think was a sea of vanilla marketing. Everyone looked the same and everyone had the same colours, and the same toned-down messages. It taught me not to be afraid to be controversial. You don’t always have to be a conformist when it comes to the materials and the messages you want to put out there.”

Alessio Marinelli, CEO and Co-Founder, inFund.

Making the work, work harder

After the Business Show, we revisited the work we’d done to develop the exhibition stand materials and produced a suite of brand guidelines for the team that provided them with a clear visual and verbal brand identity.

We also created a series of case studies for inFund to demonstrate how the company filled a much-needed gap in the market.

By revisiting the short-term needs of the original brief and repurposing the assets we had created, the project resulted in a lasting and cost-effective investment for the inFund team.

inFund guidelines

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