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Helping to make Sellafield safer sooner

We’ve been working with the people at Sellafield for over 25 years. The Sellafield site is synonymous with the UK’s nuclear industry and has inherited a nuclear legacy from the ‘40s and ‘50s. Today, Sellafield Ltd plays a vital role in the Nuclear Decommissioning Agency’s estate – and the business is changing. The team at Sellafield Ltd is overseeing a seismic shift in terms of what’s happening at the site as the business shifts from powering the country and reprocessing fuel to a focus on specialist decommissioning and remediation.

What I’ve found with Forepoint, more than any other group I’ve worked with, is that there is no distinct line between my team and theirs. I have never had that with an agency before. They’re inspiring, collaborative and fun.

Head of Corporate Communications, Sellafield Ltd

A (nu)clear challenge

The UK’s nuclear sector has faced unparalleled levels of scrutiny, regulation – and been the subject of controversy – for decades. Today, the UK’s nuclear industry employs around 600,000 highly-skilled people who tackle unprecedented challenges with the support of an extensive expert supply chain.

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The good, the bad – and the lovely

In recent years, Sellafield Ltd has seen the Sellafield site undergo a seismic shift in terms of its activity and focus. The business has transformed its operations from the reprocessing and recycling of nuclear fuel to the remediation and clean-up of its site – all in a drive to make Sellafield safer sooner.

This shift in focus brings a twofold communication challenge – breaking down previous perceptions and telling the truth, as far as security restrictions allow.

Today, Sellafield Ltd is at the forefront of leading-edge technology and global innovation as it tackles the clean-up of the UK’s nuclear legacy. Alongside this work, the business drives a wide range of socio-economic projects that are creating a sustainable and positive impact.

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When clear communications are mission-critical

Our role as Sellafield’s Ltd’s creative partner is to develop engaging internal comms and external campaigns that clarify the far-reaching changes happening across the estate. Communicating with honesty and clarity helps us to stimulate balanced and informed conversations with multiple stakeholders – and promotes a genuine dialogue around change.

Internally, our focus is on connecting and uniting people through employee engagement and internal comms campaigns that use an appropriate tone of voice and clear messaging. In this way, we’re helping Sellafield Ltd to drive a positive Equality, Diversity & Inclusion agenda, champion leadership learning, and celebrate the excellence of their employees, teams and partners.

Externally, we help the comms team inform and drive stakeholder dialogue with compelling and often surprising external comms. We’ve opened the doors to a team from BBC4 for a quarterly magazine piece, summarised a 70+ year story into a compelling video for .GOV, and celebrated the ‘Art of Reprocessing’ with a gallery and auction event. 

It’s not every day your AV work receives a spontaneous round of applause at a nuclear conference. Or the AR you created as part of a permanent exhibition gets the thumbs up from Professor Brian Cox. But we’ll take it as a sign that we’ve created a positive impact.

Steve Gill, Director, Forepoint
Leadership Academy

Strength of relationship – The extended nuclear family

Forepoint has been working with the team at Sellafield for over 25 years, but this familiarity hasn’t made us complacent. The business moves too fast for that. Instead, it’s nurtured a drive to build on the work we’ve done and to prove ourselves, time and time again.

As an agency, we’ve developed an empathy with and understanding of the business, its challenges and its people. Our close-knit collaboration results in work that creates an impact and drives change. And in communications that help unite workforces, engage communities, connect with government, and champion the company’s outstanding achievements, progress and innovation.

We’re always learning, it never ceases to amaze us, the ideas and creativity that Sellafield embraces. It goes to show that ANY industry can be open and progressive.

Alison Heggie, Creative Director, Forepoint
Quarterly Print Magazine

Forepoint just get it. When working with Forepoint on a project, you become one team.

Head of Corporate Communications, Sellafield Ltd
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