Moto Hospitality Ltd

Changing the face of motorway services

We’ve worked with Moto Hospitality Ltd since 2001. Born from what was Granada Services, today Moto is the UK’s largest motorway service provider. The company has sites at 45 locations throughout the country and employs around 6,000 staff who serve a wide range of customers, from families and commuters to truckers and coach parties.

We’ve been in a working partnership with Forepoint for many years. From the inception of our brand name and logo, they have developed and delivered the brand equity strategy for us. They can and do deliver our ongoing and changing requirements for the brand into new fields. Essentially they always listen to our requirements and deliver them on time and to budget.

Commercial Marketing Retail Director, Moto Hospitality Ltd

Capturing a high-speed passing trade

UK motorway service provision is required by statute to be open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and on every day of the year – no easy task. The critical challenge for Moto, then, is creating an offering that will persuade customers who are passing by at 70mph to take a break with them, time and time again.

Focusing on customer service

From Toddington to Tamworth, we’ve worked with Moto for many years. Our relationship with the team is built on trust and understanding, combined with support and innovation.

Our teams know each other inside out and can rely on each other to deliver. Whether that’s partnering on a long-term brand development programme or providing digital support for Covid-19 comms campaigns. For example, our developers built Moto’s site-specific Covid-19 ‘Test and Trace’ system in just four days.

Since we developed the company’s new name and brand from its previous incarnation as Granada Services, we’ve tapped into a consumer need for a focus on customer experience.

Our support during the Covid-19 outbreak is a great example of how the team pulled out all the stops to support Moto, both tactically and responsively when the pressure was on.What is it they say? It’s at times like these that you find out who your friends really are. That certainly sums up our relationship with Moto – it’s always a great team effort that delivers the timely results and solutions needed.

Graham Bowes, Director, Forepoint

Repositioning the Moto brand across the country

As with any new brand development, the creation of the original Moto brand was much more than merely creating the ‘label’. The project saw us supporting internal communications, providing training, and developing a strategy to inform staff of the new brand direction – and the benefits of getting things right, both for them and for the business. When the new brand was launched, it received positive coverage in the national press.

Forepoint know what they’re talking about. They’re a pleasure to work with – and are always happy to help and go that extra mile.

Head of Marketing, Moto Hospitality Ltd

Taking motorway services beyond business as usual

Moto’s move to partner with popular high street giants like M&S  was an important step in setting the standard for customer-focused motorway services. It set Moto apart – and showed both the customer and the competition the collective power of brand. Our strategic and tactical channel management helped them engage with the right customers.   

Both the physical and digital communications we’ve developed for Moto have shaken things up in the sector and set a healthy benchmark for other providers.

And, as we’ve worked alongside the team to help fulfil Moto’s business plans and strategy, we’ve achieved a number of industry firsts along the way.

Delivering the unexpected with two decades of innovation

Working with us, Moto was the first motorway service provider to:

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