We’ve worked with AWE since 2013. In 2019, the company was voted one of the top 25 Best Big Companies to work for at the Sunday Times Best Companies Awards, yet very few people have heard of it, despite it being synonymous with science, engineering and technology excellence in support of the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

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Sixty years of safety – in confidence

The best way to describe our relationship with AWE? Working in confidence, with confidence. It’s a relationship that’s bolstered by our years of experience working in the defence and security sector, and the nuclear industry.

When working with AWE, we balance the company’s need to maintain vital levels of security and confidentiality with respect for a subject that we know can be both controversial and divisive.

For over 60 years, AWE has supported the UK Government’s nuclear defence strategy and the Continuous At Sea Deterrent. They also use their nuclear know-how and technical expertise to provide innovative solutions that support the UK’s counter-terrorism and nuclear threat reduction activities.

What I like about working with Forepoint is their flexible attitude and approach – even when the unexpected is launched at them. There is always a ‘we can do this’ or ‘we’ll find a way’ response. The team I worked with became very much part of the whole team, and you could have open and honest conversations.

Marketing and Brand Manager, AWE

Understanding AWE – life on the other side of the fence

When we talk about AWE and its people, we bring an openness and transparency to the conversation around responsibility, accountability, groundbreaking innovation, dynamism and the human endeavour of over 5,000 extraordinary people. And, despite being in an industry that’s confined by security and confidentiality restraints, we help AWE to tell its story.

Whether we’re working directly with the marketing and brand manager, the internal design team or with department teams, we tackle difficult challenges and complex work programmes together to produce communications that take AWE beyond business as usual.

They took the time to really get to know our business and, as a result, have provided considered and sound proposals. The team is easy to work with and I know that I will always get an honest view – not just what the customer wants to hear.

Marketing and Brand Manager, AWE

Making the complex simple

We do this by making sure that the work we do has a people-first focus, whether we’re developing an internal comms programme for IT transformation, or developing a new and technically bespoke website to drive recruitment.

It means we talk to and get buy-in from the teams we support by remembering that, despite the complexity and extraordinary work that happens at AWE, we’re talking to and about human beings, not corporate machines.

This means we help the team to remove any jargon, bring clarity to their message, and break out of the corporate mould, so they become even more effective with their internal and external comms. Our secret? The confidence to make the complex simple and ensure that this extraordinary business can communicate its mission, values and offering in a way that connects and is easily understood’.

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