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A funding success

In 2018, we began working with the team at inFund, a UK loan and credit facility provider offering funding for SMEs to grow and scale. A smart company with a smart product, inFund is directly challenging traditional lenders through its disruptive service approach – a more easily accessible, different kind of SME funding that uses innovative technology.

What I’ve found from working with Forepoint? They’re professional, creative – and unapologetic.

Alessio Marinelli, CEO and Co-Founder, inFund.

When David is face-to-face with Goliath

In an overcrowded marketplace dominated by offers from the big banks, funding support for SMEs is not only slow, it’s riddled with bureaucracy and red tape.

For many small businesses looking to grow, constant frustrations and multiple barriers threaten to thwart their efforts to access affordable funding.

At the same time, new-to-market funding providers like inFund can find it almost impossible to be seen, heard and trusted amid the white noise of service mediocrity.

150+ pipeline enquiries, 20+ sign-ups on the day of the event and multiple sales enquiries for inFund’s white-label service.

Excel event, London

Understanding inFund – the people behind the business

inFund founders, Max and Alessio, have great knowledge and a deep understanding of their business and market, with genuine empathy for their SME audience. But the best service in the world is only successful if people know about it and understand how it can help.

In 2019, Max and Alessio had reserved a stand at London’s Excel arena. They came to us for help with their brand and marketing materials.

It was clear from the start that inFund understood and shared the frustrations of their customers. And that they’d developed a great funding solution in response, coupled with a service that’s fast, simple, accessible and flexible – with a heartbeat of smart tech.

Keith Noble, Director, Forepoint
InFund Posters

Creating impact – fu@#ing marvellous

The first part of the challenge for inFund to succeed in such a crowded marketplace was for them to make a strong initial impact.

Our “The end of fu@#ing nightmares” campaign delivered the unexpected and propelled inFund to a disruptive, impactful and rewarding position, simplifying their message with a bold and surprising delivery.

It was just the start they wanted – it drove enquiries and got people talking.

For a business like inFund to get and retain its customers in this challenging landscape demands a constant reminder of why it’s different and the unique benefits it offers.

The need for them to maintain their momentum, especially once the more traditional providers got up to speed, was quite another.

Taking the inFund brand beyond business as usual

While the initial impact and brand differentiation were important, inFund needed something with an excellent shelf-life – a sustainable brand, with messaging and positioning to take them forward.

Making the work, work harder

inFund’s brand toolkit – “It’s funding quick, it’s funding simple”– gives them everything they needed to control, self-manage and sustain an effective and ongoing brand presence.

Strength of relationship – making the difference

Forepoint’s work helps inFund to be seen, understood and to generate new business. The foundation of our partnership with them is built upon a close working relationship with founders Alessio and Max, which means we understand what makes inFund tick.

And it’s a relationship with shared values – a passion for making a genuine difference, respect for the knowledge we all bring to the table, and trust that we’ll deliver, getting them some great results along the way. And, in this case, we managed to raise a few smiles and eyebrows too.

I can remember the day Alessio asked, ‘What if we’re told to take down our stand because it offends someone?’ and I replied, ‘Since when has ‘funding’ been a dirty word.

Keith Noble, Director, Forepoint

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