Transforming Sellafield

Illustration of various Sellafield site buildings and operations


Produce a document that will set the direction for the future and define the organisation that Sellafield wants to be in ten years’ time. Demonstrate how they operate internally, their size and shape, and how they maximise wider opportunities. The brochure should, clearly, set out how they will achieve that future state, and how it will be supported by a detailed and regularly updated communication suite.


A step-change is signalled by the move away from a corporate blue to a strong, vivid palette, and the use of conceptual isometric illustration for cover and internal imagery. It reinterprets the site, and associated company, as a place that is forward-looking and open change, whilst avoiding an overly corporate style. The isometric illustration approach can then be developed into video and other media, as the transformation campaign rolls out over the coming months and years.