Celebrating a landmark achievement

Sellafield Magazine Issue 3


In issue 3 of the Sellafield magazine, give a greater focus to a section dedicated to a business model change at Sellafield, whilst keeping within the existing editorial format.


Create stand out ‘marker’ for the key 28 page section through a change in paper stock from silk white to a cream uncoated paper, and a muted, limited colour palette, creates a visual and textural distinction from the rest of the magazine.

Sellafield Magazine Cover
Sellafield Magazine Spread
Sellafield Magazine Spread
Sellafield Magazine spread detail
Sellafield Magazine Spread detail

"The Sellafield magazine is a truly collaborative project with Sellafield Ltd and Forepoint working as a single team. Our editorial style and Forepoint's creative flair are helping people to really understand what happens behind the fence at Sellafield."

Sellafield Ltd
Sellafield magazine Spread
Inside spread from Sellafield Magazine
Sellafield Magazine website screenshot on laptop

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