The power to Energise

Sellafield Ltd Energise newspaper covers


Design and implement an internally distributed, monthly, engaging, employee-friendly newspaper to be distributed across the two sites that comprise Sellafield Ltd.


Collaboration with the Sellafield internal communications team to enable a smooth and timely throughput of content and layout, resulting in a clear, authoratative newspaper. Up-to-the minute reporting, clear, concise design and professional quality photography, combine to produce a publication that enables employees, from across both sites, to feel involved, integrated and informed.

"Forepoint provide us with an excellent service, designing our in-house newspaper, Energise. They’re brimming with ideas on everything from clever design to how we can distribute the publication so it has the maximum reach across our workforce. They are a joy to deal with and really feel like an extension of the in-house team."

Sellafield Ltd