Robotic arm


Convey the deep technology transformation facing the global manufacturing sector today, and support the HPE Northern European team in communicating their unique value proposition and market differentiation to enable them to embed and build upon their experience and reputation within this sector.


Communicate HPE’s ‘Connected Manufacturing’ point of view and market offer simply and effectively. Translate complex industry messaging into visual assets easily understood by key audiences adopted for wide ranging marketing needs: content, advertising, events, social media, sales presentations and AV animations. All of which help to embed HPE in the marketplace whilst building reputation and recognition as industry leaders.

Line of three HP posters in street advertising boards
HPE poster in illuminated street display. Poster shows robotic hand shaking human hand
HPE Brochure cover
HPE Brochure spread
HPE pop-up banner stand
HPE pop-up banner stand
HPE pop-up banner stand

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