Delivering the big ‘ASK’

BAE Systems folded leaflet - ASK in numbers


How do you launch the £15.6 million BAE Systems’ Academy for Skills & Knowledge (ASK)? A facility established to provide training, life-long learning and skills development activities for employees, as well as exciting educational opportunities for schools.


A series of simple, engaging infographics and interactive animations were used across a broad range of print collateral, website, social media and interactive augmented reality. The designs developed reflected the modern, world-class, innovative facilities created and clearly communicated the benefits to be derived. In its first year the Academy successfully attracted almost 50,000 visits, delivered more than 250,000 learning and training hours and welcomed more than 1,000 school children.

With a quick turnaround and great feedback from the launch, it just goes to show a big idea can go a long way. How do you communicate simply and effectively? ‘Just ASK’.