Delivering the big ‘ASK’

BAE Systems folded leaflet - ASK in numbers


Celebrate the opening of a £15.6m Academy for Skills & Knowledge (ASK), that will provide lifelong learning for its workforce, whilst also explaining how the investment in a state-of-the-art facility will deliver to the key audiences and stakeholder groups of BAE Systems Military Air and Information (MAI).


Capture the contemporary spirit that ASK training embodies by developing a simple and engaging suite of infographic facts and interactive animations. A greater return on investment is enabled through reuse of its application across print collateral, website, social media and interactive augmented reality.

BAE Systems Flyer
BAE Systems Infographic
BAE Systems Flyer Detail
BAE Systems Flyer Detail
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With a quick turnaround and great feedback from the launch, it just goes to show a big idea can go a long way. How do you communicate simply and effectively? ‘Just ASK’.

BAE Systems Infographic

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