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Employee engagement unearthed, unwrapped and understood.

Employee engagement

For nearly 30 years we’ve been working with clients to improve communications.

In that time, we’ve unearthed, unwrapped and understood many of the common challenges that stop employee engagement comms from working.

To help you, we’ve created a content collection containing lots of useful experience, guidance and insight gained from years of collaborative thinking and working.

A successful internal comms campaign creates impact, resonates with all audience members and it gets results.

Steve Gill, Director
23rd October 2020
Employee engagement: Resistance to change

You’ll know that the pressure on businesses to increase profitability and productivity, to reduce costs, to be more competitive, sustainable and diverse are huge – even before Covid-19.

26th October 2020
Employee engagement: ‘Initiativitis’

Symptoms – a feeling of ‘here we go again’ when yet another initiative is introduced from on high. Often identifiable by a silent eye roll and an audible exhale of breath.

29th October 2020
Forethoughts – Initiativitis (and other employee engagement stories)

Initiativitis (and other employee engagement stories) – We’ve worked alongside some of the greatest marketing and communications professionals around. Together with them and their teams, we’ve helped to develop and deliver a wide range of successful employee engagement communication campaigns.

28th October 2020
Employee engagement: A reason to believe

Experience tells us that to increase motivation, improve engagement and drive change, internal comms campaigns have a vital role to play in one thing.

3rd November 2020
Forecast: A conversation with Nick Churchman

In this Forecast episode, Nick Churchman discusses the importance of communications and the vital role of effective employee engagement in business change and transformation.

28th October 2020
Employee engagement: Top down vs bottom up

It’s often the case that change or transformation is delivered across a business from the ‘C-suite’ down (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO). And the reason it meets resistance? When no real explanation has been given as to why it’s happening.

28th October 2020
Employee engagement: Why what you say and how you say it really matters

In our experience, where internal and employee engagement communications have fallen flat and left employees in the dark, is when they’ve failed to connect with their audience.

Stick of rock with the letter F running through the centre 11th June 2020
At the core of any business is Employer Branding

Employer branding isn’t something based solely on direct engagement tools and methods designed to attract and retain staff.

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