Brand and positioning

Curing headaches, winning hearts and bringing happiness.

B2B brand management isn’t easy, especially in this fast-moving and ever-changing world.

We know this as for almost 30 years we’ve been working alongside the people tasked with doing the job. We’ve witnessed and experienced their headaches. We’ve been there to support and guide them through the process, ultimately developing creative solutions that take them where they need to be.

Our years of collaborative thinking and working have helped deliver more inclusive, more human brands. Brands that have successfully brought everyone along on the journey. And brands that live, breathe and achieve everything they set out to do.

So, don’t suffer in silence – let our experience and what we’ve learned guide you.

Successful brand and positioning activity establishes identity, builds reputation and delivers for the business.

Keith Noble, Director
Brand storytelling
Everyone loves a story

How narrative and storytelling help audiences make the all-important emotional and personal connections with brands.

Branding Success
The anatomy of B2B branding success

Everyone will have an opinion of your brand, whether you like it or not. It’s how they feel about you. And as frustrating as that might be, you can’t always control what they think.

Branding headaches
B2B brand headaches – The causes and the cures

Experience tells us that a branding headache can affect you in whatever sector you work in. Over the past months the pandemic’s thrown up a whole host of challenges for brands – from needing to find new ways for your brand to interact and communicate with its audiences, to finding new and different ways to deliver a brand experience.

Heart and Minds
Winning hearts and minds

There are many things to think about when you embark on a branding project. From understanding the need for change to making sure you have the right team around you – both within your organisation, and in terms of the external partners who’re supporting you.

Rebranding and Repositioning
Repositioning vs rebranding – the eyes have it

The need to reposition an existing brand is something that demands careful consideration and reflection. Our advice, when it comes to any type of brand repositioning project, is to be very careful that you don’t end up throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water.

Fear vs Fabulous
Fear vs Fabulous – tackling change head on

Brand can be an emotive topic, not just for B2B businesses, but businesses of all shapes and sizes. Why? Because evolving your brand for any reason brings with it an inherent element of risk.

podcast speaker - red
Forecast: A conversation with Alessio Marinelli

In this episode, Alessio Marinelli, CEO and co-founder of InFund Technologies LTD, discusses what it took to successfully launch a new financial services brand in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

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A progressive school of thought

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