Team Forepoint strikes again

We’re going to be honest, sometimes it’s frustrating not being able to talk about some of the great creative work that we do. Let alone who we’re doing it with, or for. But we’re also hugely respectful about the reasons why – commercial confidentiality, legal agreements, contractual obligations etc.

So, on this occasion we’re going to make no apologies for giving you a whole heap of good news in one go.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the logos in the illustration above represent just some of the amazing new brands and clients that we’ve started working with. There are others, but unfortunately, we’re not able to share information about them. At least not right now.

And the reason for feeling proud? Because everyone knows that winning new business is a tough gig. One that can be both frustrating and disheartening at times. But when you make the right choices. And spend your time wisely on building relationships, long before a client even becomes a client, it’s so worth the effort.

Regrettably, we’re still sworn to secrecy, so we can’t tell you the entire story – the one about the vast array of exciting projects that we’re working on. But hopefully, fingers, toes, legs, and even eyes crossed – it’s only a matter of time before we can.

Our aims and ambitions now: To continue to develop and grow these fantastic, new relationships. And to commit to working as closely alongside these new brands, as we’ve always done with our existing, long-term clients. After all, without the loyalty of existing clients, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

So, thanks to all our new clients – for putting your faith in team Forepoint. And thanks to team Forepoint for making all the hard work pay off.

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New client overview:

Premier League – the organising body of the English Premier League.
Brand and positioning, e-learning, communications.

EFL – the largest single body of professional football Clubs in European football.
Brand and positioning, e-learning, communications.

Snowfox – A leading international multi-channel Japanese food business.
Brand and positioning, stakeholder communications.

LzLabs – Responsible for building and refining technology that revolutionises how customers do business.
Brand collateral and communications.

Monetalis – Personal Financial Planning.
Brand and positioning, website development.

CloudPay – Global employee payment.
Brand collateral and communications.

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