What’s new in ’22?

The start of another year. And what a year 2022 is going to be for Forepoint as we officially turn 30! 

So, with this three-decade anniversary looming, plus the impact the past 20 months has had as we’ve successfully navigated the pandemic, it’s been a time to take stock. Time to revel in all the great and wonderful things we’ve achieved. But also, to ask the questions: Where’s the world going? What do clients need? What do we, as a collective, want our future to look like?

If one thing’s certain to us, and probably to every other forward-looking, forward-thinking business, it’s that the way we do business has changed forever.

The pandemic has accelerated what was already happening in the corporate world. Digital transformation has accelerated in all areas of operation for businesses of all kinds. Digital technology take-up has enabled continuous working and is driving workplace change. Fast and pivotal business operational shifts have proved that rapid business change is possible. More unusual business collaborations and partnerships have developed to support successful delivery. 

At the same time other ‘mega challenges’ have increased in size, importance and concern in this period. Such as the increasing impact of climate change and the need to act sustainably. The increasing economic disparity between the very rich and extreme poor. Creation of a more just and fair society: equality, diversity. A highly skilled and experienced population that is ageing. And a societal shift in the expectations of younger generations.

The opportunity of change

We view change as an opportunity. And the ability to continuously manage change well, as a critical skill. Over the past few months, we’ve: 

Bigger than all of that though, it’s provided the opportunity for us as a collective to press ‘reset’. It’s allowed us to look at bringing even greater clarity and direction to our purpose – what we stand for, what kind of business we want to be, where we want to go, what we want to achieve, and the contribution we want to make in this new world.

And we see this as something that we should all be aware of. Why? Because the effects of the pandemic, and other crucial challenges that we’ve spoken about have fundamentally changed the way we all need to do business. 

Being purpose driven

There’s now a wider, deeper definition of corporate responsibility – anything that contributes to an unjust society, anything that impacts on the sustainability of the planet.  How all stakeholders are treated (employees, customers, partners, communities etc.). The rise of a new societal contract with corporates – that they will be held to, and where expectations are high. The need for businesses to be purpose, not solely profit, driven, and proactively contributing to the good of all. And increased scrutiny of corporate affairs.

For businesses leaders this is a completely new world where they will be judged on how well they deal with the many competing challenges:

Time to seize the opportunities

So, yes, the world has changed but do you know what? We’re absolutely buzzing about it. It’s made us even more determined than ever to identify and seize the opportunities that we know are out there.

We hope you’re as excited and positive about 2022 too. 

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