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People sometimes ask us why we don’t promote more of the fantastic work that we do. There are often several, very good reasons for this.

After almost 30 years in business, we’ve developed great relationships with our clients. The reason for this is twofold:

  1. We consistently come up with great, creative solutions that deliver results.
  2. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our clients. 

Sadly, for us, this often means not being able to talk openly about the relationships we have. It also means we can’t talk about the work we produce, or the amazing results we help deliver. 


Commercial confidentiality

It’s our responsibility to protect our clients’ commercial interests. 

Projects we support can range from the launch of new products and/or services, to rebranding and repositioning.

Alternatively, they can support business diversification, or new and innovative approaches to marketing. 

We need to avoid the intelligence shared with us, or the creative concept work we develop, falling into the hands of our clients’ competitors.

Contractual, legal obligations

Many of us are bound by the Official Secrets Act, or are signed up to the Government BPSS security clearance scheme.


Either because information that’s shared with us is highly confidential and sensitive, or because the client themselves are deemed to be working in a sensitive industry, e.g. defence. 

When we enter into relationships with companies, we’re often required to sign a legally binding contract. More often than not this forbids us from talking openly about our relationship and the work we’re employed to do for them.

Sensitive data and information

Where we support internal communication projects, or other projects of a potentially sensitive nature, we often get trusted with valuable insights and important data. This forms an essential part of the initial briefing process. It gives us the starting point we need to understand the ‘where we are now’, the challenges to be overcome and what success will look like.

This can include statistics and data on bullying and harassment and Health & Safety. 

We’d love to use some of this data to contextualise our project case studies, but it’s information that can’t be shared.

This can be particularly frustrating when the project outcomes would make a truly wonderful and compelling story – one where desired results were achieved, perceptions were changed and new behaviours were motivated.

So, there you have it. That’s a brief explanation as to why you’ll not find Team Forepoint shouting from the rooftops about every great relationships, or every brilliant piece of work that we produce.

If you value trust, loyalty and confidentiality, alongside the ability of a creative agency to deliver great results, then please contact us.

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