‘Best in show’ – next gen’ designers shine

Not even a global pandemic could stop us from building on our links with several higher education institutions. And when the universities of Oldham, Bolton and Central Lancashire came knocking, asking us to set another round of creative design briefs to inspire their final year students, we were only too happy to oblige.

The challenges

This year we dreamt up two challenges – initially presenting the briefs via Zoom, before returning several weeks later to provide constructive feedback and guidance and then finally joining them online for the eagerly anticipated presentations. 

Brief one

As global warming kicks in, water shortages due to climate change are becoming more common and expectant, and many are questioning the sustainability of the world’s and the UK’s water supply.

As a country surrounded by water, could desalinated sea water become the new commodity that’s needed?

We’re asking you to package British sea water as a consumer product to sell worldwide. Explore the UK’s locations, listen to a shipping forecast, think sustainable packaging, push boundaries and have fun.

Brief two

Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign was a huge success, encouraging women to be the best version of themselves – instead of a narrow and often distorted version of “perfect” beauty. 

In addition, Bodyform destigmatising period blood in advertising and its sister brand Libresse unveiled an ad featuring a colourful chorus of all-singing, all-dancing vulvas has opened new, more open, and honest conversations about the female form.

We’re asking you to develop a campaign that removes the taboos, normalises the normal and gives women the opportunity to celebrate and talk openly about another phase in their lives – the menopause.

The results certainly didn’t disappoint

Commenting on the outstanding work produced by the students, Forepoint’s senior designer Abi Stones said: “Both briefs produced some truly fantastic outcomes, real portfolio worthy stuff and work that I’d love someone to present to me in an interview. 

“The students were really professional and there was a fabulous level of creative thought and problem solving present. It makes me excited about the future of design – good ideas never date, but it’s important for design agencies to keep things fresh with new talent.

“I love how much energy the students have, how they really dig deep into a project to produce industry worthy outcomes. 

“I always leave these sessions feeling like I’ve learnt something new too, it’s a two-way process. We bounce off their enthusiasm and they get professional advice and feedback. 

“Our goal isn’t just to ‘give summat back’, though we owe many of these institutions a debt of gratitude for the head-start they’ve given us. It’s more about us having a real impact on education and supporting the educators to provide courses that produce employable students. It’s also about giving students an insight into the industry, encouraging them to work to a professional standard and presenting them with an opportunity to network with prospective employers.”

Sea Water 'Splash' packaging
Students with neon face paint and packaging solution for sea water

Smashing their creative briefs

We’d like to thank the following students for smashing the creative briefs we set this year. There’s no doubt, the future of the creative industry is in good hands.

William Davis and Andrew Wilson (UCLan).
View examples of both William’s (Rockall) and Andrew’s (Fitzroy) work: https://www.thedisciplesofdesign.com/blog/2021/1/8/bottle-uk-seawater-industry-briefs-2020

Tomasz Zielinski (Bolton).
Follow Tomasz on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomzie.design/

Luke Griffiths (Bolton).
View Luke’s portfolio: https://lukegriffiths.myportfolio.com    

Hao Nguyen (Bolton).
Follow Hao on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haoaboutdat/   

David Later (Bolton).
Follow David on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidlatercreative/   

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