Time for reflection and optimism

Steve Gill – January 2021

As we head into 2021 – and wave a solid and heartfelt goodbye to 2020 – there are a few things we’d like to look back on and acknowledge to help us start 2021 on a positive note:

New recruits

The Forepoint team has grown.


Last year, four members of the team achieved significant work anniversary milestones:


We were delighted when, once again, Forepoint was recognised as one of the top creative B2B agencies in the UK in B2B Marketing’s UK Agencies Benchmarking Report.

Accreditations and certifications

We were also delighted when we successfully achieved Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and the recertification of British Standards ISO9001.

Delivering the unexpected

The team worked even harder than ever last year and delivered a multitude of projects, across a wide-range of disciplines­ – and in the thick of a global pandemic. We completed no less than:

Taking (even more) brands beyond business as usual

Last year also saw us gain several new client wins. Throughout 2021 we look forward to building these new relationships with new people and learning about a range of new businesses.

Collaborations that create powerful partnerships

We forged some great new working partnerships, solidifying our belief in the power of collaborative working with a wide range of proven specialists, that both enhance and complement the skills and capabilities we have in-house.

Pandemics, pivots, and plans

Last year we also discovered, introduced, and embedded new digital platforms and ways of working to support our clients’ needs and online interactions. This included a digital version of Nick Parker’s VoiceBox toolkit, which has proven to be a very popular and effective part of our brand strategy workshops.

As with most creative and digital businesses, COVID-19 saw us enabling the team to work from home. And, as we move into this new year and another national lockdown – with the virtual meeting as the new normal – it’s a move that’s continuing to work well. 

2021 will see us continuously adjusting to government guidelines and mixing working from the studio and working from home, as advised.


Finally, I want to acknowledge the hard work of the Forepoint team in 2020. And to say a big thank you to them and all our clients, without whom we wouldn’t still be here.

Since March, the entire team has worked tirelessly to support our clients and each other during what was, without doubt, a very challenging year. They’re a credit to the business, and I appreciate their loyalty, commitment and creativity in the face of enormous global change.

And to our clients, who continue to put their trust in us – ironically, I think we’ve seen or spoken to some more often than ever before. From cries of, ‘you’re on mute’ to the helpful ‘support’ of cats, dogs and small children. On behalf of us all, I thank you too.

And so, as we progress through 2021, it just remains for me to say that Forepoint is grateful to be busy with existing projects and looks forward to getting started on new work, with both new and existing clients.

If you need help to take your brand beyond business as usual in 2021, we’d love to hear from you. Make it your resolution to contact us.

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