70 years of treading the boards at Forepoint

Here we have, what may be considered by some, to be an extremely rare species – three illustrious individuals who’ve joined the official rank of long-serving, loyal employee. 

Between them, they’ve managed to clock up not 30, not 40, not even 50, but an amazing combined total of 70 years’ service to Forepoint.

Now that’s something worth shouting about.

Director, Graham Bowes

Celebrating 25 years, Graham joined Forepoint as the former head of Bowes Darby, one of what was considered to be the new generation of design consultancies that grew up in the 1980s. Since becoming Forepoint director, he’s been instrumental in helping to move brands beyond business as usual. 

As well as a possessing a huge amount of brand experience, Graham’s also highly versed in all manner of internal comms and employee engagement.

As well as continuing to design and work alongside clients, Graham also takes responsibility for all HR requirements, with the support from colleague Ali Heggie.

During lockdown, Graham’s spent most evenings doing circuits of Richmond Park on his bike. He’s also known to possess a passion for photography and almost everything to do with outer space. Believe us when we tell you that he’s got LOTS of pictures of the moon and the International Space Station. His claim to fame is (apparently) his meeting with the late Sir Patrick Moore and also the legendary Queen guitarist, Sir Brian May.

Senior Designer Simon Birch 

Simon is also celebrating 25 years with Forepoint, joining us on exactly the same day as Graham. From day one, Simon’s proven his worth and has been a welcome addition to the team. His knowledge and skills have been instrumental in retaining a long-standing working relationship with the clients he supports.

Simon is a hugely accomplished senior designer who continues to work on all manner of print and digital projects. Watch yourself though, Simon’s also won numerous medals for firing sharp objects into a target as an active member of the Southfields Archery Club.

Technical Manager Andrew Craig

Andrew hasn’t quite clocked up as many years as Graham and Simon, but he’s not far behind, having accomplished 20 years’ service. 

Andrew began life at Forepoint as a Web Developer. He has since progressed to become Digital Manager and is now our Technical Manager. Working alongside his equally knowledgeable colleagues, his experience and know-how provides us all with the digital and technical whizz-kiddery we need. Andrew’s also been actively involved in securing our formal accreditations to all things cyber security.

When he’s not behind the computer, Andrew is the Commodore of Bolton Sailing Club, which is currently nominated for National Sailing Club of the Year.

Delivering the unexpected

Those involved in running a business will understand both the challenges, and the huge benefits to be derived from retaining essential team members – their skills, experience, knowledge and know-how. Also, the long-standing, stable relationships they’ve fostered with clients, customers, partners and suppliers. 

In its Megatrends report, ‘The trends shaping work and working lives. Has job turnover slowed down?’ the Chartered Institute for Personal Development (CIPD) highlighted that only a third of male employees stay with their employer for 10 years or more. Commenting on Graham, Simon and Andrew’s milestones, our MD Steve Gill said:

“Congratulations on this great achievement guys. You have all been great additions to the company and an absolute pleasure to work with. Your dependability, knowledge and experience have without doubt been a key factor to our ongoing success. For three of you to have achieved a combined total of 70 years’ service is a great testament to Forepoint and the fantastic people we’ve surrounded ourselves with and developed over the years.”

Steve Gill Director, Forepoint

What does this achievement tell us? Perhaps that nobody else would have them. But, being serious for a minute, what it tells us is that it’s increasingly rare to find people like Graham, Simon and Andrew who’re so committed to a business and the clients and colleagues they work with. No business could surely ask for more – trust, loyalty and consistently good performance and service.

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