Employee engagement: A reason to believe

Experience tells us that to increase motivation, improve engagement and drive change, internal comms campaigns have a vital role to play in one thing – giving people a reason to believe.

If you’ve got a message to deliver, show you’ve got that authenticity, show you mean what you say and can be believed, your people will react to you in a constructive way. Get that right and your comms will work.

Keith Noble, Director, Forepoint

By giving employees a reason to believe that change is needed, you can create campaign work that:

Seeing is believing

Our experience of working alongside clients has shown us that a number of vital ingredients are needed to make internal comms believable:

From above

From the shop floor

From the comms team

A common purpose

Trust plays a major role in the success of any internal communications campaign. Therefore, it’s vital that messages are aligned to and consistent with the business vision and values that employees already relate to.

Increasingly, we see that business ethics are coming ever more to the fore. And we know that candidates are seeking workplaces where they can intertwine their beliefs with those of the company, so they can work together on a common vision of purpose and success.

Job seekers want to be paid fairly but they too want to work for a company whose values align with their own and whose mission they can fully get behind.

Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor President and COO.

As companies look to attract and recruit top candidates, as well as retain their existing employees, the role that internal comms plays in shaping and building a culture that unites people around a common cause becomes key.

Increasingly, today’s employees want to feel that they’re making a difference within their companies. To achieve this, they need to feel empowered, engaged, valued, and heard. This means a level of listening and reflecting back has to be in place at the outset of designing and developing any internal comms campaign.

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