Now with added assurance

It should come as no surprise, particularly to those who know us, that we’re always happy to rise to a challenge. In this case, it involved a rigorous test of our organisation’s cyber security systems. We’ll let Managing Director, Steve Gill tell you the rest: 

“We’re delighted and very proud to announce that we’ve achieved Cyber Essentials Plus status. We’ve held the Government backed Cyber Essentials certificate for the last two years, during which time it’s become a minimum expected standard. 

“Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus is a great achievement for the business. It moves us on from a self-assessment certification, to one that has been independently verified following a rigorous technical assessment process. 

“Gaining ‘Plus’ status authenticates that we have the necessary security controls in place for our IT systems, our interface and internal infrastructure. It’s also evidence of our commitment and ability to protect the work we do for our clients, to safeguard any sensitive and personal information we process, and to strengthen the resilience of our business as a whole.

“As we work in often commercially sensitive and complex industries, Cyber Essentials Plus has become a prerequisite, especially when collaborating with governmental departments via the Crown Commercial Services framework.

“Achieving this standard provides an appropriate level of assurance, both to our valued clients and to potential new clients in our core sectors and areas of proven experience. It demonstrates that we have a robust and tested infrastructure in place that reduces our vulnerability and mitigates the associated risk of cyber-attacks. 

“It is very much testament to the capability and skills of our inhouse digital and IT team that we’ve achieved this certification. This has also been done with the additional challenges of working remotely, as we have been doing for the past few weeks. It demonstrates the safety and robustness of our systems in permitting us to work securely, whether from our Preston and London studios, or our home environments.

“I’d like to thank the truly dedicated team at Forepoint for their great and ongoing work in this area – firstly in achieving Cyber Essentials, and now in gaining the fully verified ‘Plus’ status. Thanks all for your continued support and commitment to the business and our clients.”

If you want the added assurance of working with a business who takes security seriously, then let’s talk.

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