Every cloud has one…

We recently spotted a great quote from James C. Kaufman, a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut that said (in broad terms): “If creativity is a light, it does not have an on/off switch. It’s not helpful to think of things as ‘creative’, or not ‘creative’. Instead, we should think about creativity having a dimmer switch, growing from a tiny bit creative, to a little creative, to creative enough to light up the whole room.”

On that basis, and in a much needed bid to search for a silver lining to the cloud hovering overhead (despite all the blue skies), what’s struck us is the extent to which people’s creative dimmer switch has been turned to dazzling over the last few weeks.

Pre-lockdown, and with the impending threat of school closures, those who visited the likes of The Range, WHSmith and Hobbycraft (other reputable retailers are available) couldn’t have failed to witness the rush to buy up as many colouring pens, paints, craft sets, paint brushes, coloured paper, coloured card, colouring books, pots of glue and glitter as people could cram into their baskets and trollies. Likewise, those braving regular trips to the supermarket over the last few weeks will have noticed the distinct lack of baking ingredients – particularly flour. Apparently, there’s now even a shortage of wool!

As a team, we’ve spent the last +25 years collaborating with clients, using our creative skills to develop solutions to their often complex internal and external communication challenges. Therefore, what’s been uplifting for us during the lockdown, is the extent to which we’ve seen amateurs and professionals embrace creativity in a response to the crisis.

It’s been fantastic to witness the innovative ways in which people have chosen to express themselves, to connect and engage with one another and to communicate. This innate creative ability, if only we always had the space and time to continuously explore it, has helped to lift hearts and minds, to inspire others and to problem solve.

Whilst we’ll be extremely happy to witness the death of this devastating virus, we hope the resurgence in creativity lives on – with more and more people continuing to find, celebrate and appreciate new, innovative, creative, exciting and unexpected ways of doing things.

Here are just a few of our favourite examples of lockdown creativity. Take a look and then get in touch and tell us what great examples you’ve seen!

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