Win, Win, Win.

The last few months have been quite a ride here at Forepoint, with three significant account wins firmly under our belt before the Easter bunny has even started delivering the eggs.

Firstly, towards the back end of last year, we successfully retained a X year contract worth up to XX working for XXXXXXXXXX Ltd in the XXXXXXXXXXX sector. The win was the result of a XX month process, partnering with XXX for the provision of XXXXXX and XXXXXXX services as part of the XXXXXXXXXXXXX framework.

Secondly, we won new business from XXXXXXX & XXXXXXX Ltd, part of the XXXX XXXXXXXXX Group. They work in the XXXXXXX sector, something relatively new to us. We’ll be working closely with the XXXXXXXXX team and with XXXXXX services to drive forward their growth in the UK XXXXXXX market throughout 2020 and beyond.

Finally, we’ve been successful in a XX-way pitch, commissioned by XXX for the provision of a XXXXXXXX and XXX XXXXXXXX.

Great news, isn’t it? It’s certainly going to keep us all busy.

Spill the beans

We know! It’s frustrating not to be able to share all the details, but confidentiality is king in our world.

We’d obviously love to tell you more. However, because of a lot of the work we do and the industries we work with, we can’t simply broadcast our achievements to anyone who’ll listen.

Working in confidence, with confidence has been the cornerstone of the strong client relationships we’ve developed. It’s the reason for the great client retention record we’ve had since the business began in 1992.

We see it as a small price to pay – knowing that our clients get the service and peace of mind they need.

What can we say?

What we CAN tell you, is that our three wins will allow us to do what we do best – deliver creativity in unexpected and surprising ways, enabling the businesses we work with to communicate more effectively. Everything from ideas generation, internal and external communications and campaigns, brand strategy and positioning, through to film, animation and digital work in the shape of websites, apps, augmented reality and interactive content, as well as events and exhibitions.

What we CAN also tell you, is that confidentiality doesn’t stop us from being incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in the last few months, both as a team and as a business.

This latest set of wins provide a great platform for further growth and development of the business. More importantly, they provide us with opportunities to help our clients achieve even greater things.

Speak to us in confidence, with confidence about how a relationship with Forepoint could help your business. Contact us now.

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