Way to go University of Bolton

At Forepoint we’re passionate about what we call, ‘givin’ summat back’. Whenever possible, we ensure members of the team devote time to developing relationships with local universities and colleges. For us, it’s as much about inspiring the next generation, as it is about being inspired ourselves.

Today it was the turn of Senior Designer Abi, and Artworker Jen to visit the University of Bolton to see the students’ progress on the briefs we set a few weeks ago.

We’ll let Abi give you the low-down: “I was really impressed with all the students’ work. We were treated to some really professional presentations and some brilliant creative solutions.

“There were some hilarious copywriting skills employed in hijacking the Tokyo Olympics to promote Tinder.

“There was also some beautiful typography and illustration skills employed to create weird and wonderful brands for insect food confectionery.

“We also saw some incredibly creative ideas to encourage grandparents to gift a National Trust membership to their grandchildren.

“All in all, there’s real potential over there at the University of Bolton – definitely some ones to watch! It’s so good to see such a wealth of local talent tackling our briefs head on! At this rate I think I’d best watch my job, there’s some real competition out there!”

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