Riding the crest of a wave

Successful businesses know the benefits to be derived from having a motivated workforce; enhanced service levels, product quality improvements, increased profitability, better industrial relations and lower levels of staff turnover and absenteeism.

Sellafield Ltd are one such business. For the past few years, they’ve run an internal awards scheme, formally recognising and rewarding the contribution of staff and teams at the Cumbria site. As with any innovative organisation, regular feedback has led to ongoing improvements to the scheme to ensure that all areas of excellence are recognised within the business.

Making refinements to the scheme weren’t the only changes to take place this year, Sellafield Ltd also brought us on board to support the launch of the new-look awards.

The piece of work we undertook, working closely with the team at Sellafield Ltd, involved brainstorming and developing a new name and identity for the scheme. The ‘Wave’ Awards took its inspiration from the Sellafield Ltd logo and the positive connotations associated with riding the crest of a wave.

To support the call for entries, we designed an internal brochure, a promotional video and a user-friendly application form for members of staff. As a result, applications this year were up an astonishing 81% on the previous year – a resounding success story!

Commenting on the work, Sellafield’s Emma Law said: “We’re delighted with the support that Forepoint has provided. The Wave Awards are our opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work that our employees, teams and partners do every day to help move our mission at Sellafield forward.

“And it’s not just about winning trophies, these awards help us to share learning and best practice across the business, inspiring others to challenge assumptions, push boundaries and deliver greater value to the taxpayer.

“Forepoint have helped us to bring the awards to life in a way that has inspired more teams than ever before to put their work forward.”


If you’ve got an employee awards scheme, or any other internal communications project you need help with contact us.

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