Didn’t know you could do that: Motion graphics

Individuals within teams sometimes have skills that people might not know about… until now!

To commemorate World Space Week (4-10 October), two of our designers have been demonstrating their skills in the use of Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to create the following motion graphics:

Cinema 4D created by Lee Moonan.

After Effects motion graphics created by Alicia Dickens.

Why use motion graphics for marketing/communications?

Motion graphics is a great way of storytelling, powerfully combining animation and graphic design. Visual elements such as text, shapes and images, used in conjunction with sound, can be used to create memorable and engaging communications.

They’re perfect for transforming complex communications, ‘Making the Complex Simple’ – showcasing complex pictures, ideas, concepts and data in a short, simple and visually appealing way. They’re highly effective at conveying a message, quickly grabbing and holding the audience’s attention.

The possibilities really are to infinity and beyond.

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