Go on, be brave, start with a dot!

A blog by Creative Director, Ali Heggie.

“Every now and again, our Marketing Manager sets quick briefs to generate content for social media. I read the ‘Dot Day’ brief, watched the video and soon realised that I’d had the exact opposite experience to Vashti.

“I’d actually been actively discouraged from drawing. Drawing used to be the centre of my life, I loved it, I was even fairly good at it. It made me feel good.

“Then, one day, at university, during a crit for an illustration/advertising brief (of all things), I was lambasted by one of the tutors in front of a large crowd of peers. I was accused of trying to be an illustrator, when I wasn’t one.

“I felt humiliated and embarrassed and didn’t draw again for about 30 years. The joy was gone and it was replaced by doubt and fear.

“Fast forward 30 years and I was challenged by a friend to draw something. They couldn’t understand why I’d let one person’s judgement stop me from doing what I loved. So, with a trembling hand and a few gulps of wine, I gave it a go.

“The result was a sketch of my son, as a baby. Not brilliant, but a big step for me.

“I can’t say that I’ve ever really got back into drawing, but I feel I broke through a barrier.

“I’m pleased to say that I’m now working on a painting of my late husband, Dave and Bambu, our much-loved cat, who also sadly passed away.

“Making that first mark can be so hard, but so rewarding. Many people are put off art because it’s not an exact science that can be learned by rote.

“Vashti’s story is a great one, as is the whole ‘Dot Day’/’Dot Club’ initiative. Hats off to that teacher, and to my friend for the push start.”

Where might your first dot take you? Be brave. Go on. Give it a go!

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