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Rather than us tell you about our recent work with the University of Liverpool’s Management School, we’ll let the client explain:

“The Placement Profile, created by Forepoint, is a key tool for undergraduate students at the University’s Management School. The publication has been specifically developed to connect those about to embark on their second year, with those returning from placement.

“The Placement Profile provides second year students with insider knowledge of the wide variety of placement opportunities available. It also acts as a valuable and inspiring networking tool that bridges the gap between student cohorts and promotes peer-to-peer engagement.

“We know that Year in Industry placements make a significant contribution to students’ success and their long-term graduate prospects. That’s why a publication like this is so important and so beneficial.”

What was working with Forepoint like?

“Forepoint developed exactly what was needed – creative elements and technical input were beyond what was possible for us to produce in-house. The result is an informative document that inspires students to take a Year in Industry placement and celebrates those returning to the University as experienced professionals.

“From day one, we found Forepoint to be very approachable. They really listened to the brief and understood our needs.

“When work on the publication began, we enjoyed frequent discussions and dialogue with those working directly on the project. No edits or suggestions were made to seem frivolous or unnecessary.

“Overall, the team at Forepoint gave a friendly, professional and efficient service, working to deadline and accommodating the challenges that a client like us creates!”

Would you work with Forepoint again?

“We would certainly work with Forepoint again!”

The Placement Profile is an internal publication for students.

The University of Liverpool’s Management School delivers an innovative and established portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in core areas of business and management, including; marketing, economics, international business, finance and accounting.

For more information on their courses and research undertaken at the School visit:

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