Steve hits quarter of a century

We may be in the midst of the Ashes series, but who cares whether England’s Jofra Archer is going to put a stop to the formidable batting power of Australia’s Steve Smith? Here at Forepoint, we’ve our very own leading batsman who’s clocked up a quarter of a century – not out.

Who’d have thought, 25 years ago today, that the fresh-faced, young, junior designer from Keighley, West Yorkshire would still be here today (…oops, slight typo there) be celebrating such an achievement? And as a director and part-owner of the company no less. (You know us Steve, always like to have a cheeky little joke, often at your expense of course)!

Steve Duncan Gill… This Is Your Life.

Steve’s design career began at Newcastle College in 1991 where he studied Graphic Design. Whilst there, he completed a placement with Tayburn Design, before going on to work as a fully-fledged designer for the Evening Chronicle, McIllory Coates and EH6 Design. After experiencing ‘the rest’, he made the life-changing move to ‘the best’, joining the ranks of Forepoint in 1994 (or The Point as it was back in the day).

Steve’s worked with a large number of clients including: AWE, Sellafield Ltd, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Magnox, AutoCoding Systems, International Nuclear Services, BAE Systems, Low Level Waste Repository, Atlas Industries and the housing organisation Onward – to name but a few. Over the years, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from clients. (It’s one of the main reasons we kept hold of him):

Does Steve have a life outside of work?

Those that know Steve, will know that design, creativity and Forepoint aren’t the only passions in his life. He’s also (just slightly) interested in music, the beautiful Debbie and his gorgeous kids – a massive understatement of course on all fronts!!

Back in the day, Steve, aka ‘Steve Jalapeno’ could be found generating his magic on the wheels of steel. Why travel to the likes of Liverpool, Manchester, or Sheffield for a top clubbing night out when you can create something on your very own doorstep? The infamous Jellybean events, devised by Steve and a group of friends, delivered a much-needed alternative to the usual hard house, R&B, tacky disco and over-21 affairs available in Preston at the time. Jellybean soon developed a loyal fan base amongst the young creatives and students in the city, who were often found partying the night away to Steve’s special blend of soulful house, rare groove and disco-funk. Steve followed up Jellybean success with stints on Paradise City Radio and Unity FM. (What a good job he didn’t prove to be a better DJ, otherwise he might be largin’ it in Ibiza now, instead of working with us!! Joking again Steve)!

Nowadays you’re much more likely to find Steve standing on the footie touchline, braving all weathers, supporting his talented young son.

Final word

Who better to hand over to for a final word on Steve, than some of those who’ve endured (oops – slight typo again there) enjoyed working with him:

Right, who’s got those bottles of fizz? Let’s get them uncorked!

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