D&AD New Blood returns to Forepoint

It’s a very warm welcome back to very lovely and very talented Gabe Aplando, who re-joins Forepoint as Junior Designer.

Gabe, who was previously with Forepoint on placement, returned to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to complete his final year studying for a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. What a final year it’s been! Not only did Gabe earn himself a First-Class Honours Degree, he also topped off the academic year by winning a highly prestigious D&AD New Blood Pencil and a Creative Conscience award for a truly inspirational piece of work entitled ‘Fence Fairies’, with fellow student Jay Austin.

Many will know that fracking is currently a contentious issue in the UK, particularly for residents in Lancashire. Gabe and Jay took their inspiration for Fence Fairies from the protests, creating a bespoke typeface font “to unite all voices”.

Gabe explains: “After visiting and speaking to protestors at the site, we named the font Fence Fairies after the activists who operate at night. The typeface was used to spread messages on a range of applications including; protest banners, picket signs, correspondence and newspaper advertisements.”

Commenting on Gabe’s return to the team, director Keith Noble said: “Over the years we’ve worked hard to develop great relationships with a number of local universities. Our involvement throughout the year includes; setting student project briefs, attending project crits, conducting portfolio surgeries and attending events – including the annual degree shows.

“It’s vital that we keep an eye on emerging new talent – they represent the future of a business like Forepoint. We’ve always been firm believers in “givin’ summat back”, many of us are the product of local universities and colleges ourselves.

“We’re passionate about using the experience we’ve gained over 25 years in business to support the development of students wishing to enter our profession. Investment is rewarded in a number of ways. Stating the blindingly obvious, we benefit from being perfectly positioned to recruit from the pool of new talent, Gabe is a perfect example of this. In addition, we learn a lot in the process – gaining useful insights into new creative ways of thinking, new techniques, new ways of working and exploiting software and technology to create exciting results.

“Clients including Scandit, Sellafield Limited, Ilke Homes, InFund, the University of Liverpool and many more will now benefit from the new creative ideas and skills that Gabe brings to the team. Personally, I relish the prospect of yet another member of staff who can make me think: “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that”.”

Welcome back Gabe.

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