Taking inspiration from the International Year of the Periodic Table

The dates: 19 – 21 June 2019.

The location: Madrid, Spain.

The event: Pb2019 – the 21st International Lead Conference.

Pb2019 is the premier event for analysis, debate and on all matters relating to lead – including mining, production, batteries, recycling and the environmental management of the metal and its compounds.

This year’s programme includes the latest market trends and forecasts from world-renowned industry experts and analysts, together with updates on breakthroughs in advanced lead battery technology from the newly-formed Consortium for Battery Innovation.

The client
Yet again, we’ve been fortunate to work with our friends at the International Lead Association (ILA): “A focused and dynamic organisation dedicated to serving lead producers and other companies that have a direct interest in lead and its use.”

With resources located in London, North Carolina and Washington, the ILA provide a mix of technical, scientific and communications support – from staff and specialist consultants including chemists, electrochemists, toxicologists and environmental specialists.

The work
We’ve been busy working with the ILA to redesign the conference branding, as well as design and develop a new event website and suite of promotional materials including a brochure, programme, pull-up banners, event signage and stage backdrops.

The title of the event (Pb2019) took its inspiration from the chemical symbol for lead, with branding for the event inspired by the periodic table. For those that don’t know, 2019 marks the 150thanniversary of the discovery of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements by Dmitri Mendeleev. The United Nations have even proclaimed this the International Year of the Periodic Table – #IYPT2019.

Very timely and well considered design – we think you’ll agree!


If you want to follow proceedings at Pb2019, then hop on to Twitter and search for the hashtag #Pb2019, or follow @ILA_lead


Want to know more about the ‘International Year of the Period Table of Chemical Elements’? Then get yourself along to: https://www.iypt2019.org