365 days in…

She’s done it. She’s reached her 1 year anniversary at Forepoint. So, what’s the past year been like for our Senior Design, Abi Stones? We thought we’d ask her.

So Abi, 365 days in… what are your thoughts?

“It’s been exactly 12 months since I re-joined the Forepoint team as a Senior Designer. Yep, re-joined! When I was a final year design student, many moons ago, I was lucky to work at Forepoint on a placement. It just goes to show how important it is to stay in touch with people you’ve met. After I graduated, I continued to follow the company’s progress from afar as I carved out a career for myself in the design industry. Then, out of the blue, just over 12 months ago, I was approached by Steve and Keith [two of the directors of Forepoint] about an upcoming role. I knew straight away that coming back to Forepoint was the right decision.

“Returning to Forepoint was a bit like coming home, I already knew the majority of the team so there were none of those scary, first day nerves. I immediately got thrown in the deep end, working on a major project and I haven’t really stopped since.”

What have your highlights been over the last 12 months?

“I’ve worked on a wide range of projects: brand refreshes, storyboarding for animations/corporate videos and unpicking lots of complicated client briefs to deliver simple, clear, considered and highly-effective solutions – I LOVE doing this!

“I’ve just been working with a new client in the housing sector. Over the years, I’ve had extensive experience of working with this sector, so it’s been fantastic having an opportunity to utilise that experience. I’ve also recently been working with a team of people whose business is operating in an increasingly crowded market. It’s been both challenging and rewarding to work with them on repositioning their brand. In addition, I’ve had the privilege of visiting a number of our clients who operate from highly secure sites across the UK, these visits have given me a unique insight into their businesses and has really helped me to better understand their needs. It’s great when you get to work so closely with clients – we are, after all, an extension of their team.

“One last highlight from the last 365 days is something very close to my heart – the honour I’ve had of working with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). After time spent teaching at Blackpool & the Fylde College, my passion for supporting the next generation of designers is very strong! At UCLan, I’ve met some great people (staff and students) – providing portfolio reviews and career advice.”

What can you say about the Forepoint team?

“Oh, that’s really simple – they’re great! It’s wonderful to be surrounded by so many talented people, the team is amazing and so skilled. Where I’ve worked previously, I’ve often had to commission work, such as animation or websites. Here at Forepoint, we have so many of those skills within the business, which is incredible. It makes the design process so much more interesting and exciting because you can bring a project to life together – it’s a real team effort.”

What’s been your favourite piece of work in the past 12 months?

“It’d have to be the Forepoint ‘Last’ Christmas Card, a cheeky piece of direct mail that we sent out at Christmas with a nice little Brexit twist. It was a fabulous project to be involved with – anything that makes people smile is a winner to me!”

What’s next?

“Looking to the future, I’m really excited about working on upcoming projects. I’m also really looking forward to developing deeper relationships with existing clients, brand new relationships with new clients, pushing boundaries and continuing to develop my skills and experience. I’m also eager to forge even stronger links between Forepoint and Further and Higher Education. We’ve got some great ideas for developing relationships and supporting students. Whilst these ideas are very much in their infancy, I’d strongly urge you to watch this space for further news on what we’re doing!”

Here’s to many more happy years at Forepoint Abi!

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