You too could be the saviour of STEM

According to findings from STEM Learning (2018), the UK is currently experiencing a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematical) shortage which is costing businesses £1.5 billion a year. UK STEM businesses have warned of a growing skills shortage as they struggle to recruit qualified workers.

Research conducted by PCP Market Research revealed that 9 out of 10 (89%) of STEM businesses had found it difficult to hire staff with the required skills in the last 12 months, leading to a current shortfall of over 173,000 workers.

The findings come as the UK enters the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, a time of significant technological, economic and societal change. Unfortunately, the long-term outlook isn’t much brighter. Over half (56%) of businesses are expecting the shortage to worsen over the next 10 years, whilst expansion in the sector is set to nearly double the number of new STEM roles required.

Being part of the solution

We’ve been privileged to team up with a team of 10 nucleargraduates* (Enten Limited), providing them with a free design service as part of our corporate social responsibility commitments. Enten Limited are a team of people committed to inspiring the next generation, encouraging them to pursue further education and careers in STEM. As part of this commitment, they have produced a new book aimed at children aged 8-11 years.

‘Planet One’ tells the story of an alien whose planet’s environment has been destroyed by pollution resulting from unsustainable energy production. On a fact-finding trip to Earth, the alien is befriended by Amelia who leads him on a journey around different energy sources. The journey provides the alien with valuable insights into the options available to meet the world’s energy demands – highlighting the need for a mix of clean, sustainable energy sources to ensure a bright future for generations to come.

Members of the Enten Ltd. team collaborated with the Primary Business Partnership in Cumbria, plus science teachers across the UK to ensure content for the book was tailored to fit the national curriculum and pitched at the correct level. The team involved themselves in storyboarding sessions, writing the narrative, collecting, checking and reviewing facts and activities and liaising with illustrator Graeme Hogg and our good selves for design and production.

Planet One

Get involved

Enten Ltd. are now looking for support from the business community to fund the supply of the book to cash strapped schools throughout the UK. All profits raised from sale of the book will go to a charity called the Smallpeice Trust who works towards giving young people everything they need to fuel their passion for science, engineering, technology and maths.

In the past academic year, the Trust has reached out to 17,495 young people through a range of subsidised residential courses in a range of engineering disciplines, 1-day in-school STEM Days and STEM Clubs. They have also trained 1,280 teachers to enhance their delivery of STEM in the classroom through STEM Teacher Training Days.

Place an order

Orders can be placed directly with Enten Limited:

Prices are as follows:
£10 per book for orders up to 30 books
£9 per book for orders up to 50 books
£8 per book for orders up to 100 books
£7 per book for orders of over 100 books

Please note: All orders must be placed by the end of September 2019, so there’s only a limited timeframe to get involved.

Created and established by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) in 2008, the nucleargraduates programme has been wholly funded by organisations across the UK nuclear industry since 2010. nucleargraduates is managed on behalf of the NDA by Energus. For more information visit:

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