She’s been with us how long?

Let’s take you back, way back, to on this day in 1994. John Major was UK Prime Minister, Bill Clinton was the US President and boyband Take That were topping the UK singles chart with Everything Changes. Quite appropriate really, because on this day in 1994, everything did change for Forepoint. On this day, 25 years ago, Creative Director Ali Heggie joined our illustrious team.

It’s probably quite a rarity these days for a company to have someone like Ali who’s remained as loyal, committed, valued, inspirational and respected as she was on the day she arrived.

Paying tribute to Ali, and the fact that she’s survived here for so long and managed to stay reasonably sane in the process, director Graham Bowes said: “On behalf of all of us at Forepoint, we want to celebrate and thank Ali for her outstanding contribution over the past 25 years!

“We’ve been through so much together, sharing both the highs and lows, the great times and the harder times. Throughout it all, she’s always been able to sprinkle that creative dust on so many projects, sharing her creative passion and making the good ideas, great ideas.

“We always joke about being a kind of big, dysfunctional family, but that’s a positive thing. Our differences make us collectively stronger and whatever we’ve had thrown at us, our shared drive, experience and mixture of skills always bring us through to win the day.

“Ali’s creativity and inventiveness have been a huge part of our success and she’s a hugely valued member of the Forepoint collective. A quarter century is a big achievement and Ali’s made a huge contribution. In recognition of that, collectively, we raise a glass and thank her!”

Ali’s chosen to enjoy a number of kayaking lessons as a reward for her commitment. We’re going to keep a keen eye on social media for some images we can share! Watch this space.

Happy paddling Ali and thanks, once again, from all your friends (past and present) at Forepoint, we’re hoping for many more years – regardless of how daunting a prospect that may be for you! LOL.

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