Two additional female staff to join the Management Team

It might be a complete coincidence, but a happy one nonetheless, that on International Women’s Day we’re announcing the appointment of Karen Garbagnoli and Val Ockwell to our Management Team.

Karen, one of our senior designers, has been with Forepoint since 2002, whilst Val, our Business Development Manager, is still a relative newbie having joined us in 2018.

Director Graham Bowes explains: “For some time now, the male to female ratio at Forepoint has been maintained at a healthy 50:50. Naturally, it stands to reason that the Management Team should be representative of us as a business.”

Graham continues: “We firmly believe that the make-up of the team will lead to a better understanding of who we are collectively, as well as broadening our approach to running a great business.”

What can Val and Karen expect?
The Management Team works to continually improve working practices across Forepoint and is made up of select members of staff. The focus of the team is on staff, clients and relationships with suppliers and expert partners – all of whom are crucial to the business. The team’s remit is to support the directors in making Forepoint the best it can be, developing us as a company and as individuals.

How do the new appointees feel about their new roles?
First, a few words from Val: “Before joining Forepoint, I worked both inside and outside the marketing services sector. As one of the more ‘mature’, or perhaps ‘experienced’ members of the team, I’ve witnessed first-hand how businesses operate. I’m looking forward to bringing this experience to my role on the team, focusing on and influencing the direction of the business – taking account of where we’ve come from, our skill set, client base, reputation and culture. It’s all about keeping an eye to the future, as well as dealing with the ‘now’.”

As for Karen: “I’m really excited to be part of the Management Team. I’ve been with the company for a number of years now and have always been encouraged to have a voice and opinions. As a member of the Management Team, I’ll now have an official platform to contribute more ideas and to give my point of view. I’m very much hoping to keep a balanced view on everything and to represent my colleagues.”

We’re all really looking forward to the additional views and experience that Karen and Val will add to the team.