She’s a pig! (That’s not an insult).

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hopefully the title of this blog make sense now.

February 2019 (5th) marks the start of the Year of the Pig. We thought we’d investigate if any members of our wonderful team were pigs. Thank goodness we have one, otherwise this could have been the shortest blog in history!

Our utterly gorgeous and talented designer Alicia is a pig. We’re not going to divulge her age – though she’s one of those people who doesn’t mind telling you how young she is. Give it another 30 years and that will all change.



Alicia joined us in 2017 and has quickly become an integral part of team Forepoint. People born in the year of the pig are described as being simple, honest, easy-going and endurable but sometimes impetuous. We think the only time we ever witnessed Alicia being impetuous, was when she was hurling bowling balls down the ten-pin bowling alley last Christmas in a bid to beat Andrew!

What have the last 18 months been like for Alicia since joining Forepoint? We’ll let Alicia explain: “I’ve had a fantastic opportunity to develop my creative thinking skills. OK, so we might not [currently] work with the likes of Red Bull, Nike, Orange or Apple, but that doesn’t stop us applying a great deal of creative thinking to the projects we work on. Sectors we specialise in, including defence, nuclear and IT have complex challenges and our clients need to find ways to engage with stakeholders. It doesn’t matter which brand you’re working with, the principles are the same. Believe me, nuclear fuel and submarines aren’t dull – not when we’re working on them!

“I’m currently in the process of developing new skills and am enjoying learning the basics of After Effects to create motion graphics and simple title sequences. Eventually I hope to progress up to full-blown 3D special effects and animation, so watch this space!

“I’ve had the opportunity to work on a range of projects since joining Forepoint, from branding to editorial, exhibitions and web design. I also work on projects that promote us, it’s great when we’re the client as you often get more of a free rein – so long as Alison allows it!

“I love working at Forepoint. Honestly, I’m not just saying that because I know the rest of the team will probably read this blog. The people are great, and the job is really interesting. The only thing I’d probably change is the commute. If someone could invent a conveyor belt to replace the M6 motorway that would be brilliant, then I could just jump on it in the mornings and sit and sip my cup of boiling water.”

Are you a pig too?
The Pig occupies the last (12th) position in the Chinese Zodiac. You are a pig if you are born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019.