Lancashire pride

“Write a blog to celebrate Lancashire Day” they said.

OK, I’m an ace Marketing Manager, I’m up for the challenge. Mmmm… ok, where to start? How about: ‘What makes Lancashire great?’

A Google search resulted in a webpage featuring a Top 100. I kid you not, the Top 5 were:

  1. Black Pudding
  2. River Ribble
  3. Eric Morecambe
  4. Lancashire Hotpot
  5. Blackpool Tower

That’s funny, nowhere on the list did it mention Forepoint Limited, one of the greatest creative agencies to be established in Lancashire! Seriously though, there’s SO much more to this wonderful county than a river, a comedian who rose to fame in the 1970s, some foodstuffs (albeit tasty ones) and a Grade 1 listed brick-built tower, which incidentally is a great place to visit – especially on a sunny day!

As our friends at Marketing Lancashire rightly point out: “Lancashire is a dynamic economic region within the North West and the wider North of England. It has a unique offer to make and role to play in the Northern Powerhouse. Lancashire’s leading international and national position in relation to aerospace, advanced engineering and manufacturing, energy, higher education institution excellence and visitor economy make it a pivotal part of the long-term economic growth of the North.”

Not only that, but it’s a prosperous area that needs to be better understood regionally, nationally and internationally. After all, “Lancashire’s economic base is one of the largest and most important in the north of England, though its profile and capabilities have often failed to be fully recognised.”

If you do nothing else this Lancashire Day, then do me a favour. Spend a few minutes watching this great video:, produced by Marketing Lancashire. It’ll go some way to educating, those who don’t know already, what a power house this county is. It’ll also help you understand why Forepoint are happy to publicly proclaim our pride (today and every day) in being a part of Lancashire’s success story.

P.S. We’ve even planted a bit of Lancashire down South. Check out the details of our London office!