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There’s nothing more satisfying than when a client (and a project) comes along where everything clicks neatly into place from the off: The time is November 2018, the people are inFund Technologies and the project is The Business Show at the Excel in London.

This may be our first collaboration with inFund, but our relationship journey started some time ago. Working with their Head of Marketing, in his previous role as a Marketing Campaigns Manager at TelecityGroup and Equinix, we obviously made a good impression. Here we are again, three years on, supporting him and the inFund team with their new communications venture.

We often talk about the characteristics and qualities that form strong client relationships: listening, insight, collaboration and going the extra mile, all of which are critical to success (along with creativity of course). But one of the most fundamental characteristics of a successful relationship is trust.

The founders of inFund trusted their new Head of Marketing and he trusted Forepoint. A willingness to go for a creative, industry-disrupting idea, that breaks the mould, in a market dominated by traditional providers, confirmed a like-mindedness that can only lead to bigger and better things.

View the results of our latest collaboration by checking out the inFund case study:

Lucky enough to be at The Business Show 2018?

The Business Show 2018 is being held at the London Excel 14-15thNovember 2018 – inFund’s stand is number 1760. Go say hi and be fu@#ing amazed.

This project comprised the following disciplines: brand positioning; tone of voice; campaign development; events and exhibition, printed collateral.

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