Top marks in client survey

The time has almost come to embark on our next annual ‘Client Satisfaction Survey’, part of our commitment to Quality Management Standard ISO9001.

The survey, sent to clients (obviously), asks them to rate us for everything; from our ability to interpret briefs, to the quality of overall design and the performance of their website.

The regular feedback we receive, together with the results of our survey and that of ‘The Drum Recommends’ constantly feed into our review process. Obviously, the picture we paint here is a rosy one, that doesn’t mean there aren’t areas for improvement. Anyone who knows us, will know we’re not complacent, never ones to rest on our laurels. We’ve a firm commitment to seeking continuous improvement in every aspect of what we deliver – long may that continue!

Anyway, without further ado, here are some key highlights from last year’s survey:

90% of clients rated us good or excellent graphic
80% of our client said we'd improved communication graphic
  • 100% of clients rated us either good or excellent for overall service.
  • When asked what improvements we could make, one client replied: “You can’t improve on perfection.” Another said: “Nothing to add, you’re great.”
  • Over 80% of clients listed improved communications with their key audiences as one of the key benefits gained from working with us.
  • An increased percentage of clients said that we’d helped to communicate their complex subjects in a simple way.
  • 100% of clients said a resounding “yes” to being happy to work with us again in the future.
  • 100% of clients said they’d be happy to recommend us to other organisations.
  • When asked for an overall comment about Forepoint and the services provided, we received various comments including:

“Always rise to the challenge.”

“The team was easy to deal with, friendly, responsive and with lots of creative ideas.”

“I find the team a pleasure to work with, very professional and skilled.”

“Always a pleasure doing business with Forepoint – a professional, responsive, creative bunch of people who deliver time after time.”

“Always happy to help, friendly and super-efficient (and patient!)”

We’ll soon be sending out a link to all clients asking them to complete our 2018 survey – results to be published when we have them!