The Art of Listening

We’re all ears!

In our series, ‘Making Complex Simple’, we’re sharing insights from clients, all leading marketing and communications professionals in their own right. The one thing they have in common, is a responsibility for managing complex marketing and communication projects for organisations operating in a variety of complex industries.

But what about the crucial role played by us, their creative partner? What support do we provide? And what essential skills do we employ to ensure we develop the solutions required?

The art of listening

Without a doubt, we live in the broadcast age. Social media has suddenly made everyone an ‘expert’, providing them with a soap box and channels they can broadcast from.

As consultants, we’re employed for our experience and the advice we’re qualified to deliver. But how do we ensure that the advice we give is the right advice? And how do we ensure that the solutions we deliver are the right solutions?

For us, it’s not rocket science, we simply employ the age-old art of listening. There’s nothing simple about listening – it’s a complex skill to master. Listening involves not being selective about what you hear, not jumping to conclusions. Listening properly allows us to understand, not only the challenges faced by the individuals we’re working with, but the businesses they represent.

If there are still gaps in our understanding, we obviously dig deeper. We ask the pertinent questions that allow us to tease out what lies beneath the surface – never taking any challenge at face value.

It’s not just clients we listen to, it’s their audiences. Over the years, we’ve been involved in highly insightful meetings and workshops with employees and customers alike. Listening to what they have to say allows us to understand what makes them tick, the barriers to effective communication and the tactics required to engage with them in the limited time they have available. Listening to these people allows us to place them front of mind when we’re developing our solution – not just any old creative solution, but the right solution.

If you’re interested in working with an agency who’s switched to ‘receive’, rather than ‘transmit’, please get in touch. We’re all ears and we’d love to hear from you!