Meet Steph – a budding graphic designer!

Through ongoing relationships with local universities and colleges we’re often able to offer placements to students, providing them with a great opportunity to gain essential work experience. They’re not the only ones to reap the benefits, we gain an additional pair of hands, fresh new ideas and often a new friend to boot.

This year we’ve welcomed Steph, a second-year undergraduate graphic design and visual communication degree student from Blackpool & the Fylde College. We asked Steph to reflect on her experience of working with Forepoint. Take it away Steph!

What’s it been like working with Forepoint?

“Before beginning my graphic design and visual communication degree at Blackpool and the Fylde college, I’d never previously studied the subject before. Throughout my early education, I’d only ever really studied fine art. I’ve learnt so much in the past two years at Blackpool and the opportunity to work with the team at Forepoint has really added to this.

“I’m really enjoying working in the studio, it’s a fabulous new space with loads of great breakout areas. Everyone in the team’s been extremely welcoming and approachable, they’re always happy to answer my questions and are constantly teaching me new things.

“Within my first week, I got the opportunity to visit the printers. It was such a great experience, I saw first-hand how everything works and what’s involved in taking something from digital to a tangible product.”

Why is a placement so important?

“Securing a placement has been crucial, it’s given me a vital insight into the industry and has taught me what to expect, before being thrown in at the deep end. I’ve had the opportunity to work on live briefs, and because of the complex clients Forepoint work for [companies in nuclear, defence and IT], I’ve worked on projects very different to the type of thing I’ve been doing at college.

“I’ve had the opportunity to network, which is so valuable. I’ve also joined the team on a couple of social nights out, gaining some great new friends along the way.

“I can’t wait to take what I’ve learnt at Forepoint and incorporate it into the work I produce in my final year.”

What’s next Steph?

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what a career in design holds for me. There are so many things that I’m passionate about and would love to experience, one being illustration and surface pattern design.”

Whatever you go on to do Steph, we wish you the very best. We’ll be following your career with great interest. Who knows, perhaps there will be a job for you here when you graduate!