How user-focused is your website?

Customers are crucial to a business, without them we’d all be shutting up shop pretty quickly. OK, so we’re guilty of starting this blog by stating the blindingly obvious. Why is it then that so many websites still offer a bad user interface, one which contributes towards a bad user experience for customers (UX as the digital luvvies amongst us refer to it as)?

Whether we like it or not, first impressions count and that goes for online first impressions too. If a member of your salesforce turned up half an hour late to an important meeting, dressed in clothes that were fashionable back in the 70s and proceeded to slam their Filofax (remember those?) down on the desk, then you’d rightly be concerned about whether or not he or she was projecting a positive image of your company.

The same is true in the digital world. If your digital interface looks old and outdated, is impossible to navigate, has images that take an eternity to load, has broken links and delivers poor or irrelevant content, then you’re offering a bad user experience – an experience that’ll reflect poorly on your business and turn customers away.

88% of users are less likely to return if they have a bad web experience

The advantages of delivering a great user experience

Delivering a great online user experience, one where customers can quickly and easily find relevant, useful content is more likely to keep them coming back for more. It’s about putting users at the forefront of the development process – designed and delivering great content, using the appropriate key words, being SEO-ready, being User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) focused. Why wouldn’t you want to be?

User experience matters as much in the B2B world as it does in B2C

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s only in the B2C (Business to Consumer) market where being focused on User Experience matters. Experts tell us that users expect the same seamless and rewarding digital experience as a B2B (Business to Business) customer as they do in the personal world. No business can afford to rest on its laurels. When weighing up which company to buy products or services from, people are influenced by the experience they have on a website and that’s a fact!

Want to ensure you’re user-focused?

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