How accessible is your website?

If your website doesn’t meet accessibility standards, then you could be sued for discrimination. Scary thought, right? We don’t want you to end up with a criminal record – after all, it wouldn’t be great for your personal reputation, or that of your company. Likewise, not being accessible means not being fair to around 10% of the world’s population that suffers with a disability affecting internet usage, that’s currently around 72m people.

It’s not just disabled people you need to think about, it’s also those using web-enabled televisions and mobile phones. It’s about giving access to users who have different screen sizes, browser types and settings.

10% of the worlds population suffer a disability that affects internet usage
8% of people are affected by red-green deficiency

Tell me more about having an accessible website

Here are just a few of the things you need to consider:

Having a truly inclusive website means, no matter what their ability, people can access your content. It’s thinking about W3C standards, using plain language, colour contrast, page layout and so much more.

Want to ensure you’re accessible?

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