Celebrating 25 years of Forepoint: #since1992

It’s time to celebrate! Our 25th anniversary no less! Quite where the time has gone, we’re not entirely sure. What we do know is that we’re immensely proud of our achievement.

We’ve gone from being a purely Preston-based, one-man, back bedroom operation to a 20-strong business operating from a state-of-the-art studio, with an additional office in London. It’s all happened in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Our journey began working with some great, locally-based companies like Collinson, Matthew Brown & Co and BNFL at Springfields. We now boast a client list that includes some of the world’s most recognised brands; HP, BAE Systems, Moto, RAC, TATA Steel, Sellafield Ltd and Rolls Royce, to name but a few.

To mark our quarter-century milestone, we thought long and hard about what we should do to celebrate. The obvious answer was to reflect on all the great design and digital work produced, with a retrospective look at the creativity that’s been the lifeblood of the business from day one. However, we soon realised that our work is only part of the Forepoint story. The secret to our success hasn’t been simply down to one skill, or one quality, it’s down to a unique blend of characteristics that define who we are and what makes us collectively tick.

It’s been about:

These characteristics are not only embedded within our DNA, they make a huge difference to our clients, their businesses and their audiences. They explain why we’ve established so many successful, long-standing relationships over the past two and a half decades. They aren’t simply about our past, they’re what help set us apart and what put us in good shape for the future.

By coincidence or not, we’ve identified 25 characteristics, 25 words for our 25 years – the building blocks of our past which underpin the foundation for our future.

Watch this space as we celebrate them over the coming months and beyond.

Here’s to 2042.

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