It’s a book book

Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that book sales had risen by 8%, whilst e-reader sales had fallen by 17%. That says something interesting about an appetite for the tactile nature and experience of the printed page.

Sure, the content needs to be interesting, engaging and relevant to the reader, but the wider sensory experience of seeing, touching and smelling (yes, we do that often) a book is something that we, as creatives, love.

We are clearly not alone as the recent sales figures demonstrate and of course, the wonderful digital world now gives us access to an unlimited amount of content and publications that truly blows the mind. But in a very disposable society (and industry) there’s still something special about paper, materials, finishes, ink and great creative design that all contribute to a wonderful sensory experience that the digital world simply can’t replicate.

As a business, we produce much less printed material now than we used to as our approach to integrated communications embraces all methods and mediums, as it should. However, in a world of noise generated by a plethora of so called ‘personalised’ digital content, it feels like now, more than ever, the printed word and image has even greater value. It feels personal and intimate, you own it, you want to keep it, you connect and engage with it in a very different way than you do with any screen.

In the same way a face-to-face experience of a conversation can’t be usurped by an email or a text message, or the tactile and aural experience of vinyl can’t be replaced by disposable digital recordings (53% resurgence in vinyl sales in 2016 shows this), the printed book has, and always will have, a place in communicating that no other medium can replicate.

Some of our most successful and effective communication projects include printed material and have proven to engage better with audiences as our customer feedback demonstrates. Projects for HP’s Business value Exchange, Sellafield magazine issue 6 and photobook, along with the Royal Navy Commissioning book are a few of our favourites.

Sellafield magazine print publication

BAE SYSTEMS Astute print publication

The end of 2017 will mark our 25th year of operation, in celebration we will be publishing a number of articles, blogs and content, sharing some of the great work we’ve done over the years for some even greater brands. More importantly, we will also be publishing a book. Yes a book book. So watch this space.

For younger viewers, this little Ikea video might help you understand what a book book actually is. We love it.

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