Making “Personal Branding” come to life

Whilst dipping into the world of LinkedIn recently, it was great to read a post from Michael Tobin OBE promoting a podcast interview he’s recently given about his life, loves and business successes.

We worked with Mike during his 12 years as CEO of TelecityGroup supporting him and his marketing team with all things brand and communications, from brand development and collateral production, through to campaign concepts and unique one-off projects.

One of our more interesting challenges was to create a series of business cards for Mike, but of course, the last thing he wanted was to be conventional. That’s where we stepped in, as we are experts in making the ordinary extraordinary.

As you’ll hear in the podcast (2:34s), we created some great ideas that supported Mike’s personal branding point of view, developing a beautifully illustrated pop-up business card that interacts with your smart phone or tablet bringing Mike to ‘life’ through Blippar, the augmented reality app.

We also created a range of cards with another uniquely illustrated portrait, this time in a pen and ink style with a simple ‘Mike Tobin’ signature.

We think it goes to show there is always scope for creativity in every project. There’s no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ brief, all you have to do is think differently, be creative and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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