From the horse’s mouth.

As the saying goes, ‘you’re only as good as your last job’, which is why continuing to deliver effective work, providing great customer service and building strong client relationships are extremely important to us. We are really proud of the work we do and how we do it, however, what we think doesn’t really count, it’s what our customers think that matters most.

Our customers are central to our business and ensuring we continue to provide them with the highest standards of service and quality of work is central to the continuity of our strong, collaborative and long-term working relationships.

To help us improve, we use two measures to gain customer feedback – our ISO 9001 quality management questionnaire and the Recommended Agency Register.


ISO 9001 quality management questionnaire

Every year as part of our ISO 9001 quality management system, we monitor our customer satisfaction in order to measure how we have performed against our clients’ expectations and requirements. We evaluate our customer responses via an annual satisfaction survey, or on completion of a major project, measuring and monitoring feedback to help us to improve the way we work and provide greater benefit to all our clients.

We ask for ratings relating to practical things such as design, print quality and website functionality, through to overall service, value for money and project management. But of even greater value is understanding the benefits that our work brings to our customers and the positive effect it has on their business. We gain feedback around improving communications with key audiences, greater clarity of products and services, delivery against goals and objective and communicating complex issues in a simple way all of which provide great insight.


Recommended Agencies Register (RAR) 

We are also a recommended agency by RAR, the UK’s leading register of innovative suppliers to the advertising and marketing industry.

What’s special about the register is that it’s our clients who put us there. The Recommended Agency Register is an online database of those agencies that have been rated ‘outstanding’ by their respective clients against various disciplines of creative services and the reviews are there for everyone to see.

We are currently undertaking 2017’s measures through ISO 9001 and RAR, so if you’d like to receive a copy of our results or know more about how we can help your business improve it’s communications please get in touch.